Success Stories

Linda & The Trio

The best decision I ever made was to hire Aaron to train me, so I could train the dogs. I have had a dog almost all my life, but never more than two. When my dog passed away, the younger rescue dog I had was lonely, so I took her to a rescue event to help pick out a new sibling. She picked two. Having a big fenced in yard, I thought I could handle three. Loveable as they were – three against one always made me the loser.After they had destroyed the furniture, many blankets, quilts and sheets (great pull toys),shoes etc. I hollered Uncle and asked my vet for a referral to someone who could help me. I was not about to give up on my “kids”. Working with Aaron was a wonderful experience. I learned so much about the behavior of dogs, and he gave me the tools to control the dogs in a human fashion. I was uncertain about using crates – but the dogs love them. It was work, but so worth it, and most of the time it is fun for both the dogs and me (I usually work with one dog at a time). I now have my house back, can have guests without fear of one of them stealing shoes off my friends feet (and eating the shoe), and no longer am I in fear of what the trio will do next. They are not perfect, but who wants perfect kids. Every day I work with them they get better and better. We are all happier.

My only regret is that I did not recognize my own limitations sooner, and turn to Aaron for help earlier.

Courtney & Dodger

My husband and I are so grateful for the training Aaron has done with our dog, Dodger. Before hiring Aaron, we had Dodger for a few months and like any new dog, he was trying to find his place in the family. At this time, he was a little over a year old and his playful side never seemed to slow down. We found life to suddenly be challenging, even watching TV on the couch together seemed impossible because of Dodger’s constant need for attention. Our first training session with Aaron was on a Saturday and by that evening, we were able to watch a movie together on the couch while Dodger slept contently on the floor. Week by week, the progress continued not only with Dodger, but with us as parents. The playful side that we fell in love with is still there, but in a controlled manner. We have learned skills through Aaron and his Positive Obedience Training to help teach Dodger to be the obedient dog we always dreamed of having. Aaron has such a passion for what he does and you can clearly see that during his training sessions. Our lives have totally changed in these few short months of having worked with Aaron and we are so thankful!

​We have recommended Aaron to everyone we know with dogs, and will continue to do so!

Carol Weightman & Family

We have an amazing, intelligent 3 year old German Shepherd who, of his own accord, “took charge”. He supervises the house, yard, people…owners and visitors alike. He took extra time to protect my husband, Ed, as he has medical conditions. What I did not realize you never let German Shepherds take charge unless you plan to follow.  Discussion with my neighbor led to an email from a faculty member at Daytona State College — “Call Aaron Tucker at Florida K9 Unleashed and do it today!”

Aaron returned my call, came to our home for evaluation, and within 15 minutes had our family speechless and dog eating from his hand. His calming words, consistent interjection/correction and professional demeanor completely transformed our Gunner. Oh, did I mention the calming words were for me?! You see it was I who had to learn…Gunner would follow. We have finished our primary training and Gunner and I continue work together with simple commands. But we are going to call on our new friend to extend our boundaries in the near future.

Aaron, you not only made difference in Gunner but “family” as well…Thank you

Debra & Mally

Aaron, we just wanted to thank you to let you know how grateful we are for having peace restored at the Starr household. Your professional dog training techniques through “positive obedience direction” exceeded all expectations, especially since we tried everything that guaranteed results but never worked.

For the fist time since we adapted Mally, we can actually say (and mean it) that we are glad she is here. We extended our family with a second “child” even though we were warned not to get two female boxers. You were right by telling us that should not matter if she is trained properly.

In literally three sessions, you gave us the dog we hoped for! After eight months, we nearly gave up on her before calling you. Now, you couldn’t pay us enough to take her. We wish we had reacted sooner — we could have saved money and stress by calling you first. We could not be happier and would recommend you to anyone and everyone who owns a dog.

Thanks again, Aaron!

Ron & Whinston

Aaron Tucker: Take it from an old man (82) that timing in life is everything. I was stopped at a traffic light several months ago and along side of me was an SUV that said “dog training.” I asked the driver to pull over, which he did, and we discussed the problem I was having housebreaking my 1 year old cavalier. Well the trainer happened to be Aaron Tucker. I was impressed with his knowledge and experience as a dog trainer. After hiring two other so-called dog trainers with no success, I can now honestly say that my Whinston is completely housebroken. I re-installed my area carpets with no fear that Whinston was going to use them as “wee wee pads.” Aaron has enabled me to enjoy my pet with complete enthusiasm and joy.

Thanks to Aaron Tucker, Whinston and I are now living the good life. – Ron Leuci

The Behe Family

Thank you, Aaron, for working with our shepherd Sable yesterday. Your training was so wonderful, and I can’t wait to spread the word on what a wonderful trainer you are!

— The Behe Family

Kathy and Oakley

We brought Oakley home at 8 weeks old. By 9 weeks, I was calling our vet asking for help. They gave me Aaron’s phone number and I’m sure during our first conversation he thought I was nuts. I told him we were living with a 5 lb. Tasmanian Devil. The puppy biting was not just puppy biting — it was attack biting! Aaron came to the house and within one week, Oakley learned how to come, sit, lay, and give paw. Each week since, the biting has gotten so much better. Aaron gave us the tools we needed to survive. You can see that Aaron truly loves what he does. He takes all the time you need to answer questions and work through problems. Oakley, now 14 weeks old, can stay on command and the biting is minimal and it’s just puppy biting!

Thank you, thank you, thank you — truly an unbelievable turnaround.

Alice Lynn & Todd Feldman

My husband, myself, and our rottweiler Apollo have had the good fortune & pleasure of working with Aaron. We have had many trainers over the years with our rottweilers. We have been most impressed with Aaron’s ability, skill, knowledge, commitment, professionalism & passion for his dog training. The results we have achieved in a short time frame with Aaron are nothing short of astounding. We have worked on behavioral issues, obedience & training customized to our home & lifestyle. Aaron was recommended to us by our veterinarian (Ravenwood Animal Hospital). We look forward to continuing our work with Aaron.

Anyone considering a top-notch dog trainer would be foolish not to consider Aaron as their first choice.

Otto & Angela

What can we say about Aaron? Well, he trained our first dog Noche who tragically died. He was as torn as we were about the loss and supported us. Not long after Noche came Suede (in the picture).

Aaron has been instrumental in training Suede and especially helping us transition from a loss to a new joyous rescue dog. I don’t know of anyone in my life that has such compassion and dedication to animals, especially our lab mix Suede.

Otto, Angela, Daniel, and Suede

The Turners

My brother Luke and I decided to both get puppies together, Zoey and Rhea. We had no idea where to start when it came to training them! But we both wanted them trained before we began the next semester at college. Brynn Kennels recommended Aaron and we were completely blown away by his commitment, dedication and passion for dog training. Being first time dog owners is scary enough but Aaron definitely walked us through it and I can say without hesitation because of him we enjoy our dogs so much more than we ever thought possible!

Rhea, Luke’s dog, is very energetic and Luke was on the fence about keeping her. Aaron zoomed in on her specific needs and helped us through it, and now Rhea isn’t going anywhere! My mom was so impressed, she jumped in on our training sessions with her two dogs, Gracie and Sydney, who are two and five years old. We always believed you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but Aaron crushed that myth!